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zWorkx® Extensions for Microsoft Excel  

Managers, controllers and analysts - most professionals dealing with numbers love Excel. It's fast, easy to use and provides enormous capabilites that probably no one is fully aware of. But in some scenarios, mostly common ones in real life business, working with Excel can be a be a pain in the neck. Everyone who is dealing with data collection, corporate budgeting or sales analysis know what we are talking about.

zWorkx® Extensions for Microsoft Excel is a modular set of ever-missed Excel features, solving real world problems of managers, controllers and analysts. Some modules are small tools, others are comprehensive applications for enterprise usage. Some are for free, others cost money. But once you have one (or all), you never want to miss it.

The R.E.A.D. Project  

R.E.A.D. stands for Rappid Enterprise Application Development, a totally new and amazing smart and simple approach to implement powerfull solutions for any kind of corporate data collection, reporting and budgeting. The R.E.a.D framework can utilize existing IT infrastrutures of any kind (ERP, databases ec.) and is so easy to understand that even complex applications can be build very fast and with no support of IT or externals. You will get exited...

The people behind zWorkx®

zWorkx® is an initiative of experienced business intelligence experts and developers. We are working for large scale enterprises, well known business intelligence vendors, international consulting companies. We believe that there is a gap between large scale enterprise business intelligence solutions and the fast changing needs of management reality. We will fill that gap.